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Shibusahirazu orchestra has formed since 1988 by Daisuke Fuwa (free jazz bassist).

In the beginning, he gathered many musicians to provide the music for an avant-garde theater group Hakken no Kai. And after, Shibusashirazu has got active in live performance between Japan and Europe. We play everyday changing a physique flexibly, from a mini jam session group at Club gigs to a large-scale band at many international jazz/rock festivals.

Many of Shibusashirazu members are well known as the most popular and excellent performers; e.g. Hiroaki Katayama (ts) and more.

After the 1st album 'Shibusamichi' in 1993, 8 albums and 1single have been released from own label Chitei Records

'Fuji Rock Festival' (2001-2004)
It is Japan's biggest and most famous rock festival.
We were invited 4 times in a row, beginning from 2001, appearing on the main stage of the festival (opening, as well as closing, the whole event). This is a rare and proud achievement.
In 2003, Daisuke Fuwa (leader of Shibusashirazu) arranged the whole "Orange Court - Jazz & world music stage" 3rd day. He produced more Japanese avant-garde musicians and invited the Sun Ra Arkestra.

Playing together with Sun Ra Arkestra (2003)
At 'Shinjyuku Pit-Inn', Tokyo
Recording our 8th album 'Shibuboshi' with Marshall Allen, Michael Ray, Elson Nascimento.

Playing together with Think of One, Kila (2004)
At 'Sibuya O-East', Tokyo

Self-building special event: 'Tent Shibusa' since 1994
This is not an ordinary live performance; everything takes place in a big tent, designed and set up by our own art and production staff. There is no one else that carries out such a large-scale project in Japan. The purpose of 'Tent Shibusa' is pushing stage production to the limit, being able to set our own stage rules and establishing a hereto unreachable rapport between the audience and us.


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